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The use of website "www.steezy.in" and all of its web pages and services are subject to these terms and conditions, notices and every other policy which is applicable to specified services offered by STEEZY on its website.

The website "www.steezy.in" is handled by STEEZY which is an Indian clothing brand that operates across the country and overseas and by using this website you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions while making use of this platform and its varied services.

Note that these terms and conditions and our privacy policies are subject to change or update at any time without any prior notice to the users. The following terms and conditions can only be used for your general information as a platform user. Contact us at support@steezy.in if you have any questions or inquiries for us.


You as a user of this website confirm, undertake and agree by the following terms and conditions upon which this website is governed and ruled.

    • a - The user of "www.steezy.in" shall not under any circumstance try to transmit, display or modify any information that does not belong to him/her, to which you have no rights and to which belongs to someone else.
    • b - The users shall not upload any data or information in any form that is misleading in a way or is against the laws of the company.
    • c - The user shall not publish any information or content that is defamatory, blasphemous, harmful, intrusive, libelous of someone's privacy is hateful, offensive or objectionable in any sort, is unlawful or unethical, is disparaging or relates to money laundering or any type of gamble or otherwise is illegal or unlawfully harass or threats someone which includes but not limits to the "indecent representation of women" within the bind of "Indecent Representation of Women Act - 1986"
    • d - In any form, STEEZY is not responsible or liable for any punitive, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage resulting from unauthorized access of user's data or information, or while unable to make use of the website or during shortcomings and delays. We shall not be liable for any sort of damage that happens due to the use or performance of the website within the bound limitations.
    • e- Drastic action shall be taken against the one who tries to gain access to the website in an unauthorized manner which includes all "www.steezy.in" webpages, user account information, profiles, blogs or any other module or section of the website. Stern action shall be taken against the one who solicits user identity, passwords, personal identification information or any other unlawful undertakings for non-commercial or commercial purposes.
    • f - The nonavailability of the website or of its web pages is possible as we on a regular basis update and maintain the website for quality reasons. Errors and unplanned suspension may occur due to rare technical issues or because of the pursuant to the ordinance from government authority or due to any uncertain reason beyond STEEZY's control
    • g - Extreme measures shall be taken against the one who violates or infringes any of STEEZY's patent, property, trademark, logo, copyright or any type of proprietary rights or trade confidentiality or the rights of users, community, citizens or the general public.
    • h - Unspecific interruptions while accessing the website must not be considered as a termination of your use or order purchase in full or in portion refund or reduction during current or future payments.
    • i - STEEZY restricts the use of software and files that contain viruses or any type of code that affects the back-end system of the website. We restrict users to make use of data, web files or programs that are designed to destroy or interrupt the system or its functionality or user experience or contains any type of harmful and malicious substance such as, cancelbots, worms, trojan horses, timebombs, easter eggs or any type of programming that may diminish, expropriate or damage the system. Stern action shall be taken for those who by using unlawful tools, try to steal user information and data.
    • j - The user data that is submitted while signing up or while making a purchase has to be correct and updated. The information that the user provides us while placing the order shall not be inaccurate, misleading or false in any form or state or otherwise we shall not be held responsible for the misplacements, damages or delay in delivery.


    • a - While accessing the website "www.steezy.in" and by sharing personal identification information on the website, you understand, agree and permit STEEZY to use your personal and non-personal information and data that includes your sensitive data which you provide us as it gets stored in an electronic format in connection to you visiting the website or any of its webpage. Furthermore, this data includes information that you provide to us while signing up while purchasing a product when sharing your email while commenting on blogs and product reviews and feedback. Note that we always protect our user's data to the highest extent possible as per our upgraded Privacy Policies.
    • b - Click here to review STEEZY's complete Privacy Policies for a better understanding of how we collect, disseminate and protect our user's data and information.
    • c - As a user, acknowledge that these terms and conditions compose a valid contract between STEEZY and you, which means that you concede, understand and agree that your use of the website "www.steezy.in" shall be contracting with STEEZY and all of these terms and conditions and privacy policies that bind upon you as a user of this platform.
    • d - All the privacy policies that are in force currently or introduced later or subsequently shall be deemed as a part of these terms and conditions and we reserve all the right to change, upgrade or modify user privacy policies and terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to the users.


    • a - If you are a registered user of our website "www.steezy.in," you are solely responsible for maintaining and for being cautious with the confidentiality of your user ID and password. You as a user is solely responsible for the activities that take place under your registered account. You as a user of STEEZY agree that you provide completely accurate, true and current information as bided by the registration form at the website.
    • b - Note that if you provide inappropriate or incorrect information about yourself while registering or while booking an order and if STEEZY figure out that the information provided by you is not correct then we have all the right to block, suspend or terminate your account and membership to access. We may also restrict your use of the website if found guilty of undertaking activities that are not appropriate for our website or other community users.
    • c - You understand that STEEZY will never be asking you to disclose or share your account password or personal information in any way other than when you log in to your account. Please, kindly ignore emails, messages or unsolicited phone calls that ask you to share your password and user information.
    • d - If you are a business entity using STEEZY, the business entity that includes a limited company, partnership firm, limited liability company, trust or associate then make sure that you represent and hold the complete authority to bind and comply with such entity regulations and also the ones that constitute STEEZY’s terms and conditions.
    • e - When you sign-in and use the website, after completing your use, ensure that you sign-off and exit from your user account at the end of each session, whichever device or browser you may be using and if you suspect any unauthorized use of your STEEZY account or password, you need to inform us immediately so that we can take necessary actions.
    • f - If you discover any illegitimate action or misuse of the website or unauthorized access to your user account, STEEZY for security and safety reasons may request you to change your password and account information or we may suspend your account without any liability to STEEZY.


    • a - Try not to access the website using any kind of false identification or on behalf of other people while purchasing products. You shall be using your very own account details and payment information while purchasing from the STEEZY website.
    • b - You shall never portray or demonstrate STEEZY, or its products in an offensive, hateful or defamatory manner. Unsolicited claims and false obligations are not acceptable by us in any way.
    • c - You as a user shall never breach or break any Indian applicable law or any of these set terms and conditions by being part of our community, while using the site or while making a purchase.
    • d - The user shall not omit or commit to do something that causes an adverse effect upon STEEZY's reputation and goodwill and also of its partners, associates, suppliers, etc.
    • e - The users shall not harm, bully, defame, harass, stalk or cause physical or mental damage to anyone in our online community and shall not engage in any unlawful or objectionable activity while utilizing the website or while buying or while spreading words about STEEZY.
    • f - Nobody expect STEEZY and its partners has the right to use the STEEZY website or its products for any kind of non-personal or commercial use, for example, soliciting, gathering and transferring STEEZY products for reselling and also reusing website content for any other commercial purpose or for advertisements.
    • g - Also do not - Encourage pyramid schemes, chain-letters or spams material on behalf of STEEZY or any unauthorized or unbidden promotional content to anyone including former and existing customers, the general public or the users of our website.
    • h - Prohibits - Making use of crawlers, bots, spiders, offline readers or any application, software and automated system to access the website for any sort of illicit conduct or for gaining access to the website interface in an unauthorized manner for prohibited purpose or trying to disrupt website undertakings and operations. STEEZY reserves the right to completely prevent the use of such software and applications even if this software and applications are harmless.
    • i - Prohibits - Transmit or disseminate any type of spyware, adware or malware viruses or any other program, code or computer file that is plotted to disrupt or destroy the web site’s functionality, hardware or the telecommunication device of STEEZY
    • j - Prohibits - Misrepresent or express your association with STEEZY other than the user of the platform. Violation of the proprietary or intellectual property rights of STEEZY, its licensors, buyers, associates, its parties and suppliers while utilizing the website.
    • k - Prohibits - Try to do alterations or remove any digital right management mechanism, content and data protection device or access to controlling tools that are associated with STEEZY’s website functionalities and features.
    • We have set very stringent norms to maintain the security of our platform and strict action shall be taken against those the one who is found to be guilty of not abiding with the above terms and conditions.


    • Note that there may be certain orders that STEEZY may be unable to accept and must cancel with or without reasoning. We solely reserve the right at our discretion, to cancel or refuse if STEEZY is not able to meet the order requirements or due to limitation on quantity or if the order does not comply with our policies or if the order has an invalid or incorrect shipping address or problem identified by the payment gateway or for any other reason that is valid. We shall contact you regarding the same if your order is canceled from our side or if additional information is required to accept the order. If the order is canceled after paying the amount, the paid amount will be reversed back to you as per the set time mentioned in our return and refund policy
    • In case of requests for order cancellations from your side, STEEZY reserves the right to accept or reject the requests for order cancellations. Being part of our usual business practice, if we receive a cancellation notice from the user and the order has not been processed or approved by us, we shall cancel the order and the amount will get refunded. The user agrees not to dispute the decision made by us and accept our decision regarding the cancellation of an order. In the event of cancellation by the customer, we shall not refund the voucher, if the shopper has used any such order.


    • a - STEEZY doesn’t get any access to the user’s payment information as our platform uses multiple third-party payment gateways that are trusted and considered a pre-eminent mode of online payment that keeps user information and data secured. We request users to never disclose or share their payment information with anyone and connect with your payment operators regarding payments or deductions related queries other than what is related to product purchase at STEEZY or related to product refund and cancellations.
    • b - Assure that while making use of any payment gateway or payment methods offered by STEEZY, we are not liable or responsible for the damage or loss arising directly or indirectly due to
    • 1 - Lack of authorization for any transaction/li>
    • 2 - Any payment issue arising out of product transaction
    • 3 - Decline of transaction for any uncertain reason
    • 4 - Exceeding the set limit agreed by you and payment institution including banks
    • c - The payment made by the users while availing our services or while purchasing the products must compulsorily be made in Indian currency that is accepted by the Union of India. Use of online currency exchange can be made while shopping at STEEZY as we do not accept any other currency with respect to purchases made on STEEZY


    • The membership of this website "www.steezy.in is free for the User and this includes the browsing of the site and the use of the services. However, STEEZY reserves the right to amend the charges for the services rendered. In a case that such happens, Users will be intimated of the same, and it will be up to you to decide whether or not you will continue with services offered by us. Such changes are effective as soon as they are posted on the Site.


    • All the products purchased at “www.steezy.in” are made harmonious and agreeable to the contract of shipping, which means that the risk of loss and title for such items passes upon the user after being delivered by the carrier. For loss and recovery related queries, you can connect with us by writing at support@steezy.in


    • a - All policies, terms, and conditions formed by “www.steezy.in” are governed in accordance with the regulations and laws of the Republic of India which is meant to be followed by online shopping stores in order to function efficiently and in cooperation with the regulations.
    • b - Any difference or dispute in the interpretation or otherwise, of any terms and conditions and of the privacy policy on this subject, the same shall be referred to the courts in Mumbai, India, which shall have the most exclusive jurisdiction, laws, and policies.


    • Subject to these terms and conditions, STEEZY grants a non-exclusive and revocable right to the users under which they can create a hyperlink to the homepage of the website or any of its sub-page for the purpose of ethical social sharing with people whom they consider interested. The website may contain links to other websites which may be our partners, connected or linked site. These linked sites are not under STEEZY's control and we are not responsible for the content and products of those websites. It shall be clarified by our side that linked sites and external hyperlinks on the website do not imply an endorsement with us unless expressly specified.


    • This Agreement is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreements between You and Us with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all other communications or representations or agreements whether oral, written or otherwise relating thereto.
    • In case if the user breaches our terms and conditions or policies and if we take no action against them, we will still be entitled to use our rights that are mentioned in our policies and we can put them into action in any other situation upon whoever tries to violate our policies. STEEZY shall not be deemed thereby to have given authority to have waived rights under terms and policies, unless and only to the extent, it does so by specific writing signed by a duly authorized executive of STEEZY.


    • a - STEEZY requests users to abstain from providing wrong, invalid or fictitious e-mail addresses or contact details which thereby causes complications to us while sending invitations and packages. You even agree to remunerate us for any sort of harassment claim made against STEEZY due to invalid or incorrect information provided by you.
    • b - STEEZY requests you to avoid and abstain from referring the STEEZY website and its products to friends, relatives, and people who do not have an interest or don't wish to purchase our products.
    • c - In addition to these terms and conditions and various policies, STEEZY reserves to set out separate terms and conditions for offers, promotions, specific discounts and gift vouchers offered by us with any of our products and services.


  • We are happy to help you regarding our terms & conditions and also regarding our products, services, and policies. If you have any questions about this Agreement, the practices of the Website, or your experience with the Service, you can email us at support@steezy.in