Privacy Policy


All our efforts are made to serve you better and we value the amount of trust that you put in our services and that is the reason your privacy is very important to us. As an online shopping platform, we are very sensitive towards privacy issues over the internet and it's crucial for the users to understand how their privacy has been taken care of while they utilize our website.

Note that STEEZY’s privacy policy is subject to change without prior notice to the users. Please carefully review the privacy policies to learn how STEEZY receives your information and the dissemination process that we practice. If you have any questions regarding any of our policies, terms or regarding our products and services, please contact us at


    • We collect certain types of information based on how the website has been used. The two major groups of information that we gather are personal identification information and non-personal information.
    • The non-personal information gets revealed when you use the website, which includes your IP address, browser type, number of clicks, what products you viewed, how many pages you viewed and how much time you spent on a particular web page of our website.
    • STEEZY collects personal identification information from the users when they register or submit any sort of information as per their own will. Personal information that we collect includes name, phone number, email address, etc. This information is collected when you sign-up for the free account at STEEZY on its website. We ensure that whatever information that you share with us is completely secure and we never share it with any detrimental third parties or companies whatsoever.
    • Please note that it is not compulsory for the users to submit their personal information while they make use of our website and the information that the user provides us is along with their full authorization and preference.
    • STEEZY also collects certain demographic information such as user preference, gender, age, geographical location, language and other optional information relating to the use of the platform. STEEZY may disclose or use aggregate user information for necessary and lawful purposes.
    • By accessing our official website "" or by sharing your personal identification information on the website, you allow STEEZY to make use of your informational data including personal and sensitive information that gets stored by STEEZY in an electronic form for utilizing it when the user visits the website for next time or for other marketing and research purpose. In accordance to using the website, you also determine that STEEZY is also authorized to gather, assemble, analyze, disseminate and share your data with company's advisory department, marketing and web team, consultants and various other partnered third parties in order to adhere to the requirements and needs of any lawful purpose and application.
    • To handle grievances and for avoiding any type of uncertainty, STEEZY is not obligated to verify the sources of information that you provide for further authentication and identification. Users of STEEZY at any given point of time can withdraw information by proving to us in writing.


    • We collect user personal information to improve our services related to this website, to enhance the user experience of our customers. STEEZY uses your information to provide you with relevant products and services that you request on the website. We make use of information to market you the right possible goods and if you at any given point of time desire to opt-out, you can do so with ease. We make use of your informational data to promote safe services, to resolve disputes, to troubleshoot problems and issues, to collect payments, to carry out research to discover customers specific needs relating to our products and services to inform you about various promotional offers, and to keep you updated via emails.
    • STEEZY further utilizes your information and data to customize your shopping experience on the website, to detect errors and to protect our online community from facing any type of complication. We utilize user information so that we can protect them from unlawful and fraudulent activities by making sure that it is safe at our physical and cloud-based database. Note that STEEZY may share your information with its associates, suppliers and various other trusted third parties in order to offer you the best in class products and services in a timely and appropriate manner.
    • Here is the compilement of parties with whom STEEZY may share your information a) STEEZY may share some of your personal information such as your email address, phone number and your mailing address with the delivery partners in order to ship the products that you order from our website "" b) We may share your information with non-inhouse research associates, partnered marketing firms, suppliers and designers to provide you with efficient services. c) STEEZY may provide your sensitive and insensitive personal information with software and web developers in order to continuously improve the content and features of our website and application. d) The information that you provide while signing up with STEEZY may be shared with our partners and associated third parties who may suggest you services and products that might interest you.
    • The information that we disseminated is collected by using server log files, tracking software and multiple other digital technologies which directly or indirectly helps us in analyzing various types of business data which also includes the use of website cookies.
    • STEEZY reserves the right to disclose and divulge crucial data and information to comply with an order from the government and judicial authorities according to the requirements of the law, and also in order to prevent any kind of harm to people and properties and to reduce risk of frauds.
    • You as a user completely understand, acknowledge and agree that all of our data collection and data processing is for lawful purposes and for providing you with the best possible products and services from our side.


    • STEEZY may use your email address when you sign-up and register to our website while making a product purchase. We may collect email addresses of those visitors who sign-up to our email newsletters for receiving updates and trends. STEEZY on a timely basis may send you informational and promotional messages. You as a consumer/user have complete control over what kind of emails you want to receive from us. At any given point of time you decide not to receive email communication and messages from STEEZY, you can always discontinue and unsubscribe from our email list by following the guidelines provided by us at the end of our communications. Also note, once you unsubscribe and after when we receive your opt-out request, it might take some period of days for the opt-out to be effective.


    • STEEZY is always committed to safeguarding every information and data that is from the users’ end. We put into practice every possible management effort to protect the surveillance, integrity, and confidentiality of the information and data that we receive from our visitors and shoppers while they explore and shop from the website. We in every step of action do the best from our side to keep user’s data secure. While on the other side we also inform our users to be cautious and careful from their end while using sensitive data on the website, such as payment information. We request you to make sure to remain heedful during your use of shared computers. We also request users/you to accurately sign-off from the website after done using it from suspicious devices.
    • While the users make a purchase from our website, it redirects you to a payment gateway for making the payment of products that you shop. Payment gateway platforms encrypt your payment information by undertaking a socket layer security technology to make the online transaction secure in every possible way. To make it clear, we ensure that STEEZY does not have any direct access to your payment information such as debit card details or any data that you put while utilizing the payment platform.
    • If you are not a citizen of India, certain laws and enforcements may be different for you regarding how you proceed to provide your personal information to us. Please be aware that our company transfers user’s informational data to India for the purpose of processing it, that too secured from leakages.
    • While using STEEZY's website or application, if you identify or notice any suspicious activity on your mobile or computer device or on the platform, we request you to immediately change your user password for security purposes. If you are a registered user of the STEEZY website, we further request you not to share your login ID and password with anyone for safety reasons.


    • Website cookies are tiny elements, files of data that the website sends to your device web browser which later gets stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device. Cookies, in general, are used to recognize and identify website visitors while the user visits different web pages on the website. STEEZY uses a variety of cookies to improve and enhance the user experience by following the regulated law and enforcements
    • There are different web cookies that are used for different purposes while someone makes use of our website, all of them are harmless to your device. You can stop your web browser from accepting cookies by changing your browser settings manually, but that will restrict you to use our website to a certain extent. We ensure that the cookies placed by our website into your web browser are directly or indirectly not related to your personal and private data and are absolutely free from computer viruses. We also make use of certain third-party platforms in order to track and process the cookies more efficiently
    • STEEZY makes use of cookies to outrun and accelerate the online buying experience of the user by displaying products and services based upon their preference and interest by creating a more personalized shopping experience on the website. We also use certain types of cookies to provide versatile and dynamic services to our frequent buyers in a super-efficient way.


      • The site "" may contain hyperlinks to other websites that are not controlled or owned by STEEZY. These sites could be platforms with whom we collaborate, our partners or it can be a social media platform. We are not responsible for the content and the privacy practices of such other websites or platforms. We encourage users to go through the privacy statements of these sites regarding information collection as they might collect your personal info and their privacy policies may be completely different from us. The privacy policy of STEEZY does not cover any information regarding the disclosure of other linked sites.


      • Nowadays, a major concern called "identity theft" has become an issue for the users who shop online on a regular basis. We are completely against cybercrime done by hackers and fraudsters, so in order to keep you secure from cyber attacks, we protect your information and data as our topmost priority. Note that we in any circumstances, do not ask for credit/debit card information from our users on an unsolicited call or via an email.


      • We look at customers' issues as our own and we listen to them for solving every problem that occurs while they use our platform. If you have a complaint/problem and need a solution for the same or have a question regarding our policies, statements, terms, products or services you can reach out to us as we respond quickly.


    • Also, refer to STEEZY's Terms and Conditions to learn more about our undertakings. Have a question for us? Please contact us at and we will get back to you as early as we can.